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Exclusive at otofix.eu / Pre-Sale on Limited quantity 

Vehicle key on wrist | Coverage of 1300+ models | Handy Easy Programming 

Start Smart

-Supporting easy programming via OBD

-Covering top100 models in past 10 years

-Integrating smart key & smart watch functions

Enhanced Security

-Encrypted chip for local encrypted key data storage and self-locking in case of watch loss

Easy Key Pairing* + Voice control*

-DIY pairing with vehicle via Autel Link app with optional VCI package

(*For certain vehicles,  OTOFIX / Autel IM tool + XP tool is needed to parie the car key.  Please check vehicle coverage before buying)

-40-meter remote control over vehicle via voice commands including door unlocking, engine start, vehicle location, window regulation, etc.

(*The Vehicle Key function of the watch depends on the key function supported by the vehicle itself)

Coverage of 1300+ models

Covering BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Maserati, Nissan, Mazda


Buying Options:

OTOFIX Smart Key Watch With VCI 

• Easy Programming via VCIs.  

• A VCI supports only one match to ensure safe use.

• Offline OTOFIX/Autel dealers or locksmiths can provide technical support. 

OTOFIX Smart Key Watch Without VCI 

• Professional and convenient pairing through the dealer or locksmith without owning a VCI.

• For models that do not support Easy Programming , dealers or locksmiths can use OTOFIX/Autel tools to complete the watch programming

Full functional health smart watch 

Exercise Manager

Management of 50+ exercises based on professional algorithms including accurate monitoring and analysis of heart rate, duration and calories

SpO2 Detection

Professional SpO2 detection contributing to better master of health

24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring

Continuous heart rate monitoring tracking your heart rate around the clock 

Scheduled Sleep Monitoring

Sleep monitoring and analysis helping you get a comprehensive view on your sleep

Convenient Phone Function

Making or answering calls just at your wrist

Abundant Apps for Comprehensive Functions

Weather, music, alarm...

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